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Roderick Burnett

NC Real Estate Advisor

Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Paracle

You’ve been scrolling the listings, playing with numbers, and thinking about neighborhoods and commute times for months and months. 

The problem is you’re stuck. It’s quite possible you have a serious case of analysis paralysis.

Hi, I’m Roderick Burnett, my wife Portia and I are NC Real Estate Advisors in Charlotte, NC with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Paracle, and if you can’t stop scrolling—and start moving—towards your first home, consider this the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Our partner in this program, Jerry Hayes, NC Mortgage Broker with Origin Mortgage, is here to help you navigate the lending process in your home buying journey. 

In partnership with the non-profit Give N Go, we're here to move you in the right direction... 

Here’s a simple breakdown of the six steps in the home buying process :

1. Gather your docs and get pre-approved. (Get help to find the loan products that fit best for your situation.)

2. Locate down payment funds. (We can help you find the assistance you may qualify for in your area)

3. Start house hunting. (Let's go!)

4. Negotiate an offer and contingencies. (Work with your agent to get the best deal possible on the home you love)

5. Schedule a home inspection. (I highly recommend this...)

6. Close, get the keys, and move in!  (Success!)

So many jump straight to becoming a house hunter (I love that part too!), but I highly recommend getting all your finances in order first.

This path is for you if you're tired of renting and ready to put down roots. 

If you want the privacy that apartment renting doesn't afford you...

Or if you're ready to buy because YOU are ready to buy...

Allow us to walk you through the steps in 90 days to prepare you to Purchase Your First Home.

We're ready to walk you through...

The questions to ask your lender so you have total transparency in the situation.  (If you don't understand something with financing, just ask your lender!)

Navigating your needs vs. wants and getting them down on paper! Let's walk through the 80% you need, the 10% you can change, and the 10% you can live with.

Coming up with your "must-see" list. Build a list of homes that fit your Needs vs. Wants list and are within your budget, AND in the area you want to live.

And more...

Our goal long term is to guide you with insider access to home inspectors, title companies, life insurance agents, financial planners and others...

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Introducing, Your Guides...

Roderick & Portia Burnett

NC Real Estate Advisors

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Paracle

Our approach is to really understand our clients' needs.If you are a first time home buyer, looking for a property to flip, wanting to buy a vacation home, or looking to sell a home of your own, we would love to walk you through the entire process.

Our purpose is to help people find their dream home and to connect with clients and meet them where they are.

When we're not helping people find their dream home you can find us traveling the world, trying new foods, and spending time with family. 

Jerry Hayes

NC Mortgage Broker, NMLS #2305577

Origin Mortgage

As a graduate of Johnson C. Smith University, I have strong ties to the Charlotte community. 

I currently serve as a finance professional for multiple mutual fund companies in the financial sector.  

I'm passionate about pouring into tomorrows leaders and determined to invest in their success.

As a mortgage professional, I now have the opportunity to better serve the people I believe I can impact most. 

When I'm not serving the community, you can find me serving on multiple committees advocating for financial literacy for all people, spending time with my wife and son, and focusing on health and wellness.

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